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Defend the Badge is a charitable foundation (501(c)3 Pending) dedicated to creating safer communities by reinforcing police-community relationships.



Our mission is to reinforce positive relationships between law enforcement and our communities through mutual respect, support, and awareness. We believe law enforcement officers are a critical part of keeping our communities safe and seek to promote their increased presence in our neighborhoods.



In 2020, we realized the greatest threat to our communities was the defunding of law enforcement. Without police to patrol our streets the fabric of our society would quickly crumble.

Law enforcement officers dedicate their lives to protecting Americans. They do so despite the verbal, physical and financial onslaught from politicians, protesters and the media. Day in and day out, they take to the streets to defend us. But who takes defends them?

Too many good officers are slipping through the cracks. Due to insufficient or lack of funding, they can’t afford to purchase the life-saving equipment and training they desperately need. It’s time for “we the people” to take a stand and protect the profession of law enforcement in America, before it’s too late.


“All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

— Edmund Burke




Defend The Badge
Our Founders


Sarah Jane Rodriguez

Sarah Rodriguez is a Director of Sales at a law enforcement supply company,  political activist and television personality. She is also a member of the Outreach Council for Bienvenido and Ambassador for Turning Point, U.S.A. 


Liberte Austin

Liberte Austin is a paralegal, writer and Ambassador for U.S. LawShield.  She is a member of the Outreach Council for Bienvenido and an Ambassador for Turning Point, U.S.A.